Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Purple and Gold are looking forward to a little Brown in the horizon

In a deal between the Los Angeles Lakers and former coach Mike Brown of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brown is reported to have accepted in principle,the recently vacated position as the team's next head coach.  It is expected that Brown will sign sometime later this week.  The deal pay out is expected to be around $4 to $4.5 million per season, a handsome amount considering that Brown was just fired by the Cavs last year after 5 seasons.

Now what do Laker fans and everyone else have to say?

Personally around the horn it looks like many fans aren't at all trilled with the new choice leading the way for their beloved Lakers. It is speculated that the big push toward choosing Brown came from Laker's Executive V.P. Jim Buss who provided the assist stating he was impressed with his "defensive-minded style".

Now if you want to read more regarding the pro's and con's of this new development check out the LA Times Laker Blog.

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