Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fantasy Baseball App for Girls...bad idea?

Baseball Boyfriend App

With Spring Training just around the corner, many die hard fans are already checking the scouting report,  ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry's Blog & Twitter feed, and of course the best app to keep up with the excitement.

However, a new app called "Baseball Boyfriend," released via the CBS Sports' fantasy baseball league is raising a few eyebrows across the cyber world.

Baseball Boyfriend? Is this really true Sports Chick?  Did someone actually narrowed into the wide world of sports minority and somehow still made is seem sexist? Yes and no, while the idea does seem like it came from one of "those guys" is actually the brain child of 38-year-old Missy Wedig, long time fantasy sports manager and fan.  

The game isn't meant to replace fantasy sports at all," Wedig told me. "In fact, you can't even play it unless you're already in a fantasy league." The app is based on a game she's jokingly played with female friends for years, Wedig said. They used pen and paper to rank their "BBBFs" until her husband, an Internet entrepreneur, created a website and developed an algorithm to support their rules.  (as reported on Jezebel)
How it works:
Similar to fantasy baseball league, a user drafts a player and earns points purely based on the players performance.  If the player does poorly, the user can trade (or in this case "dump") him and then move on to the next player.

The Problem:
1. The Look: This app offers three different modes such as clean, original, and pirate (yeah, I know right?) in which looks like a preteen's spiral notebook with cute hearts scrawled everywhere. 
2. Players are objectified rather than appreciated for their skills.

 Speaking as a huge Dodger fan, I have no problem with this app. If my fellow chick feels that this will help them become better acquainted with the game, than by all means.  In the end, its going to take that guy much more than good looks to win the game.

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